JUUL Basic Starter Kit – Shipped to Australia – AU $42


Vapor4life currently have a great price on the regular JUUL Starter kit, which is now AU $42

The basic starter kit is great if you already have pods ready to use or plan to buy some of the many compatible pods that are available (and are cheaper!!) than JUUL’s own pods.

Vapor4life offer shipping to Australia for AU $17, so grab the JUUL and stock up on compatible pods at the same time and your good to go for a few months.

JUUL Basic Starter Kit – AU $ 42


  • JUUL Pod Device
  • Standard USB Charger


JUUL Australia

The JUUL is currently the no1 vaping device worldwide, but unfortunatley ii is not offically for sale in Australia. The makers of JUUL, PAX are currenlty consentraing on domestic and europen markets, but where does that leave Aussie vapers?

How to Buy a JUUL Starter Kit in Australia?

JUUL kits are availble from vape stores outside of Australia. Many offer quick and affordable shipping to Australia (Just like the deal above!). Once you have your JUUL device remember to stock up on the right e-liquid pods to fuel your new vape.

Orginal JUUL pods and 3rd party compatible pods again can be ordered from overseas stores and be delivered in as little as 3 working days.

Why Choose the JUUL Starter kit?

The JUUL is not the worlds favourite vape device for nothing. The simplicity of the JUUL is number one selling point. Charge the battery and plug in a new pod and that’s it, ready to vape.

The quality, taste and throat hit of JUUL’s nic-salt e-liquid is probably the other main reason the JUUL is out selling every other pod vape. It needs to be tried to taste the difference.

Lastly the JUUL looks cooler than other vapes. Its cool sleek design is similar to an apple iPhone than a clunky vape mod.

JUUL Basic Starter Kit – Shipped to Australia – AU $42
JUUL Basic Starter Kit – Shipped to Australia – AU $42
$42 $63

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