100ml Nicotine Salt – Unflavoured 200mg – On Sale

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Hiliq are currently shipping to Australia. Grab a bottle of 200mg unflavoured nicotine salt, perfect for making DIY vape juice for pod vapes.



hi-SALT A uses a safer and more natural acid found in fruits to neutralise Alkaline in Nicotine. For trademark, patent and production formula protection purposes, we are not able to name the acid being used to our Nicotine salt.

Each manufacturer’s synthesis principle is different, the heat used to decompose an organic fruit acid is less than compared to the heat used for benzoic acid. A big vaping device uses higher standard heat than the heat used in organic acid thus, the excessive use of Nicotine Salt over a high powered devices can easily stain a wick or carbonise an atomisation core, resulting to a burnt smell.

hi-SALT A is created to fit POD juices. It is extremely smooth and loved by vendors and retailers. It should not be used with big machines to enjoy it.

100ml Nicotine Salt – Unflavoured 200mg – On Sale
100ml Nicotine Salt – Unflavoured 200mg – On Sale
$24.80 $27.80


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